On the 5/9/2020 in Rome, at Piazza della Bocca della Verità (for those who don’t know, it’s a square near the Circus Maximus), a rally was held to protest against the state dictatorship that is using the virus menace to push it’s Talmudic and progressive agenda.

The rally, planned for 4pm, was heavily advertised in the nearby areas, and we had the chance to send a reporter so that we could have eyes on the ground in order to do a report.

At 3pm, one hour before the start, the square was already full of people. On the sides, various police corps were present in case they had to intervene, but luckily there was no need. Some famous members were present, like Davide Fabbri (the “Priest”) and Luca Castellini (chief of the Ultras movement of Verona).

And here we come to an interesting point about the rally, and that’s the participants.
Some “centrist”, who are enraged about the govt management of the sanitary emergency, had the possibility to team up with some “extremist right-wingers”.

Of course the classic crying from the media of “muh fascists” was seen, and the protesters have been called with words like “nationists” (is it a coincidence that is the same used to indicate those who lift critiques and objections towards the holocaust?).

And here it comes natural the question, the rally, what objective did it had?

And most importantly, what does the people want?

LIBERTY! That’s what they want.

No one wants to go back being locked in home, threatened if they decide to go out.
Especially, the thing that gives you things to think on, is the “two meters, two measures” system.
Because while the citizen has to stay home, those who comes here illegally can land on our shores, run inland (like if it was Omaha Beach) and the police will not do anything about it.
While the citizen has to wear a muzzle.. ehm, a mask, the politician or the singer/comedian/actor (use what you want, as long as its elitè!) can do a gatherings and do as they please.

What else does the people want, other than ending the “Sanitary Dictatorship”?
Work, a good salary, safety, a state that protects and helps.
The people want TRUTH on what happened in the last months, to see if the numbers were real.
Last (but not least), the people want, literally, that everyone keeps their “HANDS OFF THE CHILDREN”
And on this, maybe, we’ll do a dedicated post.

We would like to underline that the rally was peaceful and the only insults were against the state, Raggi (Rome’s Mayor), Conte (Prime Minister), Zingaretti (PD Secretary) and similar people.

It seems that another similar rally will be held on the 27th of September.
If this will be true, we will send a team of reporters on the field.
This time the people were angry, we think that the government does not want to make the situation worse, as it walks near a revolve.. we wanted to say on a tightrope.

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