Rumble, Telegram & More Verification Phone Number Bypass

It’s always best to start with a clean device, smart phone being the only option. With a fully updated(yes, install all updates if using an older device) clean device, install a trusted VPN. It’s best to do this on a widely used on WiFi(Pst…Starbucks). We like “Orbot” for a free VPN but personally I just pay for mine. Shop around and find a trustworthy company that keeps minimum logs. I’m not going to drop any name do to #OpSec.

Once you have a trusted device, download the GrooveIP app. When opening a new “Groove” account, make sure you are using a “clean sock email address” to get your account provisioned. If you don’t have one, use your device to provision a Proton Mail account.

Once GrooveIP is installed, it’s Movie Time! Of course you are going to need credits to use the App. You can buy credits, but if you do, you aren’t getting the point.

Kills the volume on your smartphone, scroll down to “Add Credits”, click “Watch Videos” and find something to do around the house. Vacuum, wash dishes, whatever…. Once a video ends, just watch another. Build up around 100 credits.

With Rumble, you can verify your phone number via a phone call. Same with Telegram. If possible, always choose a phone call over a text message. Phone Call Verification only takes a couple of credits. A Text Message Verification takes around 100. Always choose a phone call over a text.

For addition OpSec info on Telegram, click here!