Teacher killed in France after showing class caricatures of Muhammad

This horrible incident happened yesterday in Paris, France, where a history teacher got executed on the streets, the jihadi beheaded him, in true ISIS style. If they did this in Syria, why not import to France as well?

Even more outrageous, the teacher did absolutely nothing wrong, he merely said Islam is peaceful, and now he got beheaded by same Islamic ideology, which suggested the religion aren’t peaceful at all!

As I always said, given the suspect is shot dead, he’s pretty much on the way to “paradise” seeing his “72 virgins”, as prescribed by Allah.

Islam never failed to glorify violence. In the holiest/central Islamic text, Quran, violence is widespread and encouraged religiously:

“As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.” (Quran 3:56)

Indeed. The victims of jihad terror can even include people who say it’s peaceful.

The problem is that for decades France allowed too many Muslims from Africa, especially North Africa, into France (there are more French-Africans than German-Turks). As usual, the immigrants virtually established parallel societies in every migrant majority communities/apartment blocks. There are thousands of French citizens fought for ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and even more sympathisers who helped to carried out Islamic State jihad crusade in France (including this incident), which many Muslims always regarded as an “infidel nation”. Along with government calls of “tolerance”, Muslims have been given every rights, even more so than general population, who have seen their rights curbed by the laïcité police.

When those radicals mean infidel, it probably suggested they would want an Islamic Sharia system in France in place of a democracy. In this case, tolerance line cannot be shifted further, as majority never ever approved this level of thoughts in a supposedly secular society.

It is absolutely true that when you import too much Middle East, the consequence is that your society will have the risk to become Middle East.

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