Emen Net Pasargard

We are exposing today a document which was sent to us by one of our brave compatriots and includes the names of the managers of “Emen Net Pasargad”. This company provides cyber services to IRGC cyber unit, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Quds force’s cyber force and empowers them in suppressing our compatriots and acting against other countries. These managers are personally responsible for hacking and infiltrating other countries and hurting their national security. Here is the list of these bastards, including their vicious duties and employee numbers:

Mostafa Mostafavi (employee #132): Head of administration and finance department
Amir Mohammadi (employee #147): Head of cyber department
Dr. Rahimi (employee #193): Shirinkar’s senior advisor
Prostitute Gholam-Zadeh (employee #208): Head of research center
Mousavi (employee #217): Head of security
Rahmatollah Asgari-Zadeh (employee #248): Head of general-manager’s office
Hossein Mehdi-Nia (employee #274): Head of information technology

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