French far right group posts a video threatening elected officials, politicians

A video was posted on Twitter and then deleted, showing a new French group nicknamed the “CCC” threatening french elected officials just weeks before the legislative elections.

The video shows armed men in a house and then in a hallway in several different sequences. There are also explosions in a forest and a man mounting/dismounting an assault rifle. The faces are all blurred.

The end of the video shows images related to Nazi Germany as well as several subliminal messages referring to the French elections, the “Z” (Unclear if it’s Zemmour or Russian symbol), or the Monero cryptocurrency.

On the video, several messages appear: — “This is our land. We are in your homes. Let’s make lists [of traitors, to purge them].”

The group has no history in France or abroad, and it is unclear how serious these threats are.

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