Sepah Cyberi

Mansur Ahmadi, the son of Ghodrat Allah, is the evil mind behind SECNERD and the CEO of Najee Technology that is subordinated to Sepah Cyberi.

The same SECNERD that @MayhemDayOne (known as Bob Diachenko) exposed on his twitter account, where he revealed some of his crimes. Crimes such as stealing information about citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mansur hides behind the cover of SECNERD and Najee Technology in order to break into Iranian targets, steal information about them and breaks into targets worldwide. In the end, targeting protesters. This motherfucker even tries to sell this data on the darknet!

Najee technology, you are a filthy group of criminals and terrorists under the cover of IRGC. WE SWEAR to make you pay for your terrorist actions until the very last one.

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