Telegram Censorship By Google – The Fix

👉🏻 You probably already saw :
*This message can’t be displayed…*

🤬 It means that Google / Apple have censored the post or the page.

🔎 Telegram does not practice censorship, but their application is hosted on the Google Play Store and AppStore, so they are dependent on Google/Apple censorship policies.

👌🏻 But there is a simple and very quick solution to bypass all this censorship permanently: do not install Telegram from the PlayStore.

📌 It’s very simple:
↪️ uninstall your current version of Telegram
↪️ reinstall the official version downloaded directly on Telegram website.
➡️ Follow the short video of the post if you need a tutorial.

🛑 It takes 2 min, and it’s guaranteed without censorship. For life. So do it. It’s important for you (and for us) that we can continue to talk and communicate freely without Google censorship.


🔗 This is where it happens: download the uncensored version of Telegram from their official website.

Credit to the French for the video. Je Suis Charlie!

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